Words to live by

Just quickly: I’ve been reading The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design by Shannon Okey and am feeling super inspired by the whole thing.  It’s just so cut-to-the-chase, here’s-the-knitty-gritty fantastic.  The other morning, however, I was going through some of the interviews while I finished my tea, and I came across the following words from Myra Wood.  Guys, I want to have this passage tattooed on my forehead backwards so I can read it in the mirror every morning:

Do what you LOVE! Don’t second guess the market and try to figure out what will sell best.  If you love what you design, others will too.  Also, don’t expect too much too soon.  This is a long process that takes years to cultivate but with tender nurturing, love of what you do on a daily basis and the right attention it can happen!

If one trail turns cold, stop going in that direction.  Nothing should be painful.  If you hate the process, find another way that inspires you so that you love your days.  It’s entirely possible.

Right?  She’s my new hero.  Seriously, “It’s entirely possible” is going up on my workroom wall in tapestry form.

I was less serious before about the tattooing, but the enthusiasm is genuine.

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