The Sick Day and the Finishing Cycle

Funny that today is the day I’m finding time to sit down and update the project blog.  This is the time every day when, with the kid safely shipped off to Nod, I finally get to savour my morning cup of tea.  I usually couple this savouring with a task of some sort – a part of one project or another which is compatible with having one hand occupied with a mug.  Today I’m particularly looking forward to this mug because my chest is all congested and my throat feels as though there’s something permanently lodged there.  I am sick, and I guess that’s why I’m feeling more like sitting and taking a breath, taking stock of where I’m at in my various endeavours, and breaking the silence here.

We’ve just had a three-week long round of visitors, which, although wonderful, has impeded my production somewhat, and now that it’s over I find myself in a finishing cycle of work.  You know how that goes – suddenly you realize how many projects you’ve got on the go and the proximity of self-imposed deadlines and your focus shifts entirely to just getting some of them off your plate.  The finishing cycle is not my favourite thing.  It’s much more fun to be in a starting cycle – the possibilities! The ambitions!  In a finishing cycle I seem to dream endlessly of other projects I’d like to start, and I can’t seem to recall that feeling of excitement when my current projects were in their infancy.

Aaah tea…

Today I’m fighting a particular yen for my spinning wheel.  Connor’s had a few sad moments this morning and in singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” I keep bringing up mental images of the 3 bags I in fact DO have full of wool that has yet to be dyed, carded and spun.  The possibilities! The ambitions!  I bought them at the end of last summer…

I’m going to spend the rest of the nap time finishing (finally!) the pattern for my little cable knit baby sweater (remind me to stay away from cables for a while, phew) – after which I have another baby sweater and Connor’s gnome hat to write up.  I also have to turn my attention to Connor’s first birthday which is coming up in – gasp – 3 weeks today!

Let’s all take a mental break, and look at some roving (and pretend we can afford to add it to our stashes… and have time to make it into some beautiful cowls…):




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