Required Eating – Oven S’mores

Summer camping trips when I was a kid always involved hearty attempts at making s’mores.  My brother was an expert at lighting marshmallows on fire, while I became the expert at the slow-roast.  Neither marshmallow-toasting attempt really ever resulted in perfectly melted chocolate when pressed between the graham crackers.  It seemed like s’mores were fated to be more chewy and less gooey – which is hardly what they’re reknowned for, am I right?

Enter the oven s’more.  I haven’t been on a camping trip in about a decade (thank god).  But I have maintained a healthy (?) relationship with marshmallows.  Ah, the marshmallow, such a convenient, cheap, quick sugar fix for the frugal undergrad.  I keep a supply in my cupboard to this day.  Hot chocolate is naked without one (or two, or three…) and they puff so cheerfully when they’re microwaved.  I’m not sure how we got around to the topic of s’mores, but Thomas and I somehow latched on to the idea that we MUST have some.  The barbecue?  The stove?  We settled on the oven, thanks to a quick google search for best techniques.


The crackers without marshmallows are the tops, obv.  We like to add that extra square of chocolate – it’s the proven ideal ratio of marshmallow to chocolate.  Proven!

Set your broiler to 500° F and stick’em in there.

Everything goes melty and brown, hurray!  This only takes about 3 minutes, so watch carefully.

Then the required assembly:

See? I told you you wanted the chocolate on both sides.

And there you go – a whole plate of délices in about 5 mins total.  And the best part? You can leave the bug spray at home.

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