make it happen – the beginning

Ah the first post – and the eternal struggle to decide where to begin a narrative.  Well since I already have an about page I’ll leave that stuff out, and just start in the middle.

What am I making today?   This for starters:

Finishing up the sleeves of this baby sweater I’m making for a little one due in March.  When I’m done I’ll make the pattern available on Ravelry.

Dinner today is pizza.  And of course by that I mean home made – the delivery boy can sit this one out.  I’ve been making it quite a lot lately, playing with flour combos in the crust.  My favourite at the moment is a combination of buckwheat, spelt, and all purpose, that is roughly 1:1:2 respectively.  I make the dough in my bread machine for convenience, being that it’s a weeknight supper.  Other pizza tips:

  • sesame seeds on the crust
  • pesto mixed in with the tomato sauce
  • mozzarella on the base and parmesan sprinkled over of all the toppings
  • artichoke hearts are essential

There we go, first post! I feel like I need a little chest bump.  Sadly the kid is napping…

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