Madalena’s Dress

The Madalena Dress will be available on Ravelry as of Friday

The Madalena Dress will be available on Ravelry as of Friday

Three years ago I designed this dress for my niece’s first birthday, with the intention of publishing it as my first paid pattern.  And then life happened, as the adage goes.  By the time I had the notes ready, it was almost Fall; hardly the time to publish a cotton lace dress.  When Spring rolled around I was pregnant again and getting ready to move across the country.  It wasn’t the right time for the pattern, and more generally it wasn’t the right time for me.

The original dress, and the dress's adorable namesake

The original dress, and the dress’s adorable namesake

My timing still presents a challenge.  “Knitwear designer” continues to be a secret identity for me, sneaking in rows during quiet moments, charting during a nap, creating layouts in the wee hours of the morning (as I did today, curled up in my desk chair with my cozy insomnia).  But I got this pattern finished, and I finished it better now than I could have three years ago.  Is this the perfect time for the pattern? Probably not.  I was hoping to get it published in May (womp womp).  But it’s still a summer-weight dress publishing in the summer.  For me that’s a win.

And is this the perfect time for me and my secret identity?  I’ll let you know three years from now.

The Madalena Dress

Madalena Dress back view

The back laces up to give extra room for growing babies

I designed this dress as a gift for my niece’s first birthday, and she wore it until she was two and a half. The open design and laced back closure give it fantastic versatility: not only did it fit for more than a year, it was a cool cotton dress for summer, and adorable over leggings and a long sleeve shirt during the winter.

My Madalena is a vibrant little girl with incredible eyes full of imagination. She is named for a faraway place.  Who will you make yours for?

This top-down dress features a repeating petal pattern forming the yoke and skirt.  Elaborate diamond lace decreases in the full skirt create the illusion of extra layers.  Moss and garter stitch add
texture, while the lace stitches keep it cool for warm weather.

Made with growing babies in mind, the back closure is laced up for easy size adjustment, and the generous skirt won’t restrict movement. Depending on the child’s size, the dress will fit for up to a year and a half.  For colder weather, the lace is adorable layered over long sleeves and leggings.

The Madalena Dress in the wilds of suburbia

Available on Ravelry Friday, July 17th, 2015, for the special introductory price of  $4.00 CAD (approx $3.13 USD according to today’s rates).  As of August 1st the pattern will be available for $7.00 CAD.

Until Friday I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram, where FIVE copies of the pattern are up for grabs.

Stay tuned for more pattern releases as the summer wears on.

Happy knitting!

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