Light through yonder window


This is the soft afternoon light coming in the window of my hotel room in Victoria, as seen from where I’m veg-ing on the bed. We strolled through the Royal BC Museum this morning and now my very tired toddler is asleep and I’m waiting out the nap.

Wherefore is he sleeping do you ask? Well… The room I’m in has a very big closet. You may think I’m joking but I’m not – he actually is in the closet. It’s huge, way beyond a walk-in, and his travel crib could fit in there three times, so it’s perfect. The door’s ajar, his noise machine is muffling the noises I make out here, and he’s cozied up in there with his blankets and his bear. Best of all, I don’t have to hideout in the bathroom while he naps.

It was a beautiful sunny morning here, and I went out in just a sweatshirt and a scarf. It’s the sort of weather that’s making me dream of long cozy cabled sweaters like this one:


Sweaters belted over pretty printed dresses. Long cuffed sleeves that cover half your hands. I’m definitely feeling cabley and inspired. It also helps that Barbara of MountainMasche spoke at my guild meeting last Tuesday, and now I’m feeling slightly cable obsessed. I’ve had enough of socks I think. It’s time to start a sweater…

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