Favourite Rampage: Shawls


On occasion, and invariably with giant tea mug in hand, I have been known to go on a Ravelry favourite-ing rampage.  Usually I have a project or design in mind and am searching among specific garments/accessories for inspiration, or a pattern that already fits the bill.  Usually I do this without really thinking about the social nature of Ravelry and similar sites.  I’m using my favourites just to keep track of the things that speak to me for whatever reason, so I can find them again later.  I’m not doing it for an audience.  So it has surprised me in the past when other knitters have commented on my favourite-sprees when we meet up face to face.  “Hey, nice jewelry picks today,” my friend has said, or “I really loved those ___ patterns you were looking at.”  I’m not integrated enough in my online/offline interactions to receive this praise without a double-take.  It feels a little bit like having one’s knitterly friends inside one’s head, but you know, not in a creepy way…

Anyway, in honour of my blog reawakening,  I am going to favourite for an audience (however small, hi guys!), which at least will give the list a more curated, thoughtful dimension.

Lately I’ve been thinking about shawls: a specific, cozy, wrap-you-up, almost-blankety shawl.  Lace need only apply if it’s got some heft, if you get my drift.  The weather of course is making me feel like curling up under a giant mountain of handknits – after having knit the giant mountain of course.    This morning Connor reached the bottom of the stairs and said, “Is it winter now?” and his father and I did a back-and-forth routine of “Well, technically… pretty much… I guess… well… Yeah. It is.”  And Connor of course immediately went to, “Yay! It’s Christmas today!” Should have seen that one coming.

My house has a lot of windows (everyone knows how I feel about windows), and we don’t keep the heat up too high in the winter.  Bottom line: it’s chilly in here, which works for me because I like to bundle myself up and my children up in 100% wool. I have a couple of heavy wraps that I keep on hand for guests (there are several members of my family who actually keep a spare pair of slippers in my coat closet, which has made me fantasize about a whole basket of handmade slippers waiting cheerfully by my front door for guests in winter… I know, weird fantasies), but neither of them is handmade, and although they’re enough… Well, get a load of these:


Taliesin by Lucy Hague

This is my favourite from Lucy Hague’s Celtic Cable Shawls collection.  I seriously suggest you check out the other designs.

Interlochen by Carol Sunday

Guys… it’s like a big hug!  I adore it, and it comes in a convenient kit.


Dispersion by Sue Grandfield

Because every other weekend, when it’s my day to sleep in, I get woken up by my husband trying to indoctrinate our sons with the Dark Side of the Moon, and eventually the aesthetic wears off.  Also, this is available as a free Ravelry download.  Thanks, Sue!

Allium by Grace Anna Farrow

I know, right? Available on Ravelry, and from Kelbourne Woolens.

Metalouse by Stephen West

From the Knitty Winter 2012 issue.  Is there some kind of thing where seeing bright colours can actually make you feel warmer?  Like picturing a fire when you’re cold?  I think so…

And okay… some Hefty Lace

Grecian Turn by Cathy Carron

From her book, Short Story: Chic Knits for Layering.  Soon to be added to my growing collection of Cathy Carron books…

Ambrotype by Jocelyn Tunney

So technically this is a baby blanket, but look how pretty! At my house baby blankets are required to do double duty anyway.

Anything I should add to my list of cozy shawls? Please enable my favourite-ing habit in comments or via Ravelry.

Happy mountain-knitting…

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  1. Ann Moore
    Posted November 15, 2014 at 9:33 am | Permalink

    Hi Alexis! We met once many moons ago at your baptism. I’m an old friend of your Mom’s. She thinks we have a lot in common and it appears that is utterly true. I have a deep love of wool, cold houses, all things natural, fibre art and craft. My family is of utmost importance to me. We are lucky to have two grand boys living across the street. They are most always wrapped in layers of handmade woollen things. There is a basket of handmade slippers by our door. I’m interested to explore your blog further.
    Brightest blessings to you and yours.

    • Alexis
      Posted November 25, 2014 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

      Hi Ann! Nice to have you on my site 🙂 My mom has told me about you and our shared interests. She often shows me things you’ve posted on Facebook. Thanks for getting in touch!

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