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Crafting Stronger – Crafting Longer: Terri Rowan, RMT, on posture, pain, and maintaining strength for fibre arts

This is a guest post by Terri Rowan, a registered massage therapist in Guelph, who had the Yarn Club up on our feet and trying exercises at the April meeting that will strengthen our knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving/felting muscles and keep us doing what we love for longer.  She has kindly put together these notes and resources to […]

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Cottoning On: Reading (and Understanding) the Label on Your Cotton Goods

In honour of “Spring” (note the sarcastic punctuation – here in Guelph we had snow and freezing rain just yesterday), I thought it would be thematic to talk about warm-weather fibres this month.  Little did I know we’d still all be wrapped in our woolens in April.  But hey, who are knitters to complain about […]

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Year One: A Recap

Over a year ago, I wrote this in the notebook I used the first time I launched Phibersmith Designs as a business in Vancouver in 2009.  The book hadn’t seen much action since our first son was born in 2011.  2015 seemed like it would be a good year to start ramping things up again. […]

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Un état sombre

When I was in high school, I worked for one semester at an in-house film production department at a company here in Guelph. The department had a good deal of autonomy from the company, in part I think to justify its existence. They produced PSAs for non-profits and government programs, as well as internal videos […]

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A Cup of Tea

Before I became a parent, my dreams and goals often involved my not-yet-conceived children.  If you are a woman of a certain age with children in your life plan, this is probably not unusual.  I thought about babies.  A lot. Now that I have babies, I still think about them.  A lot.  But it’s more […]

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