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Required Eating – Oven S’mores

Summer camping trips when I was a kid always involved hearty attempts at making s’mores.  My brother was an expert at lighting marshmallows on fire, while I became the expert at the slow-roast.  Neither marshmallow-toasting attempt really ever resulted in perfectly melted chocolate when pressed between the graham crackers.  It seemed like s’mores were fated […]

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What to do at six a.m. with a perky kid in the kitchen

Make the ultimate breakfast muffin. From ” In The Sweet Kitchen” by Regan Daley

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Applesauce Biscuits

I am going to let you in on a secret:  I have a super power. As super powers go, it’s not that impressive.  I can’t read minds, or fly, or see through people’s clothes (for which I am really, really grateful). My super power is biscuits. Let’s not speculate about what my super hero name […]

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Quick Galette with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Thomas and I have a rule that we eat dessert only on weekends, and another, less rigorously enforced rule that when we do eat dessert it has to be “worth it” – read home made and/or of very good quality.  What’s the point in wasting all those calories on crap right?  Right.  I haven’t baked […]

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Pizza Tips Illustrated

I thought while I was making pizza on Friday that I’d provide some visuals for my pizza making tips. Tip 1:  Occupy small children with non-breakable kitchen implements. Tip 2: Lots and lots of toppings.  Earlier I said artichoke hearts, but alas they were missing from my pantry!  This pizza featured cremini mushrooms, red pepper, […]

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make it happen – the beginning

Ah the first post – and the eternal struggle to decide where to begin a narrative.  Well since I already have an about page I’ll leave that stuff out, and just start in the middle. What am I making today?   This for starters: Finishing up the sleeves of this baby sweater I’m making for a […]

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