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Healthy Knitting & Crochet: Ergonomics, Activity & Maintenance

Three years ago, we held a Yarn Club meeting where special guest Terri Rowan, RMT, talked about strategies for keeping our bodies in shape to keep us doing the crafts we love longer. Last month I asked Terri to help me revisit this topic from a perspective of specifically keeping our knitting & crochet habits […]

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November Workshop: Lucet Braiding

At the November 3rd meeting, the Yarn Club will welcome member Roxann Blazetich-Ozols who will lead us in a workshop to learn lucet braiding.  The lucet is an ancient braiding tool dating back to Viking times, and we’re so fortunate to have an expert in this unusual technique right on hand.  The workshop will teach […]

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Crafting Stronger – Crafting Longer: Terri Rowan, RMT, on posture, pain, and maintaining strength for fibre arts

This is a guest post by Terri Rowan, a registered massage therapist in Guelph, who had the Yarn Club up on our feet and trying exercises at the April meeting that will strengthen our knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving/felting muscles and keep us doing what we love for longer.  She has kindly put together these notes and resources to […]

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Cottoning On: Reading (and Understanding) the Label on Your Cotton Goods

In honour of “Spring” (note the sarcastic punctuation – here in Guelph we had snow and freezing rain just yesterday), I thought it would be thematic to talk about warm-weather fibres this month.  Little did I know we’d still all be wrapped in our woolens in April.  But hey, who are knitters to complain about […]

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The Yarn Club theme for March is the high-tech crafter, and to that end we’ve been exploring Ravelry, and talking yarn-related gadgets.  One of my favourite things to come up in my on- and off-line discussions this month has been this, sent to me by Sandy (and I had it all cued up to play […]

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Finding your Ravelry groove, Pt. 1

A friend and I were recently sharing our surprise that there are still knitters and crocheters out there who haven’t heard of Ravelry. What? I know, but it’s true. It’s possible these people have also been living in isolation in the wilds of some internet-strangled island nation for the last 9 years.  I don’t usually […]

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Yarn Anatomy 101

At the core of the Yarn Club, of course, is the yarn.  It’s what brings everyone together every month, that fibre love – the possibility in each new skein, the discovery of a different blend, the seduction of colour.  I thought it only fitting that we make sure our deep appreciation of yarn is supported […]

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Year One: A Recap

Over a year ago, I wrote this in the notebook I used the first time I launched Phibersmith Designs as a business in Vancouver in 2009.  The book hadn’t seen much action since our first son was born in 2011.  2015 seemed like it would be a good year to start ramping things up again. […]

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Welcome to the Jungle

The last few weeks have been spent party planning and preparing for a visit from Connor’s grandparents who came to town to help celebrate the big ONE.  Now that the dust has died down and we’re getting used to being the parents of a toddler and not a baby (sniff!), I thought I’d share some […]

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