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Understanding Colour Part 2: Perception and influence

In Part 1 I gave a brief overview and resources dealing with colour theory and how to use it effectively in your yarn craft. When I think about colour, however, the theory of the choices we make only accounts for half of the colour equation.  I believe that, in order to get a fuller picture of […]

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Understanding Colour Part 1: Theory with yarn-related resources

Colour choice is incredibly important to every fibre crafter I know. When you are working from a pattern, for example, your colour choice is the central most important element of your interpretation of the work.  Will you replicate the scheme exactly? Or choose your own colour adventure? As yarn-users, unless we are lucky enough to […]

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Crochet Diagrams: just to start you off

Big thank you to Alison Ellett, who took us through crochet diagrams (or charts) last week! As Alison outlined, there are advantages and disadvantages to crocheting from a chart, but we think the awesomeness outweighs the drawbacks: Awesomeness! Universal – the symbols don’t vary as they do in knitting charts, plus this eliminates the US […]

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Knitting Chart Literacy: reading, writing, befriending

For the visually-inclined, charts can transform the knitting experience and open up new worlds of non-native-tongue pattern collections.  As a designer, I find it a particular boon to be fluent in both written and charted instructions as one set often complements (or calls out issues) in the other. I am a bit unusual in that […]

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January Yarn Club Show & Share

We had SO MANY wonderful mittens and other yarny things brought to Yarn Club in January.  Just look at our mitten table: Look at all the beautiful mittens that we assembled for #yarnclub last night! Beautiful work and beautiful stories behind every pair ❤ #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittersoftheworld #crochet #crochetersofinstagram #knittingaddict #knitstagram #knittersofig #mittens #knitlove #knitwear […]

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Warm woolen mittens – our favourite things

Jan Brett reads her illustrated version of an old Ukrainian folktale about the adventures of a lost white mitten. As I delved into the topic of mittens for this month’s Yarn Club meeting, an interesting theme jumped out at me and began to bounce around in my head.  Mittens, arguably, are the most knitted item […]

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Yarn Club Show & Share – December

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Welcome to the Block Party!

~ or ~ The Best Way to Block Your Fibre Projects and Why You Should There are as many ways to block as there are fibre types.  And maybe that sentence, right there, is why so many people eschew the process altogether.  Because there is no quick answer to the question “How do I block this?” […]

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Yarn Feature – Mirasol Sulka

Mirasol Sulka: A chunky single ply in a beautiful blend of 60 percent Merino, 20  percent Alpaca, and 20 percent Silk, perfect for quick accessories. With the added benefit of supporting a school in a remote area of Peru, this is one yarn made for giving. I have a rule in my house that Christmas music doesn’t […]

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2nd Annual Black Sheep Sale – November 24th through 29th

Starting tomorrow, I’m kicking off my holiday season with the 2nd annual Black Sheep Sale over at the Phibersmith online store.  This is the biggest and deepest sale I hold all year, so make sure you check it out this weekend. Featuring: FREE SHIPPING on all North American orders. 10 – 25 percent off all yarn […]

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