About Alexis

The goods

My name is Alexis Hoy.  I live in Ontario, Canada, with my husband and two sons.  I like to make things.  You name it, I’ve probably made it, am in the process of making it, or dream of making it one day (but not in a movie star sort of way).  And this is where I’m keeping track of it all.

Making and building and crafting and cooking – it’s all meditation for me.  When I’m creating something tangible, I feel more grounded, satisfied and present in my life.  It makes me happy and it keeps me sane.

The best things I’ve ever made

Not to go too movie-of-the-week on you, but these are my kids.  Every couple of days my husband or I look at the other and say “Hey, we made them! We make good people.”  If we do say so ourselves…

 A few things about this site

Yep, I made this too.  I used Ian Stewart’s very helpful shape theme as a basis to create a custom theme.  The font used in the header is Designer Notes by Roger Ridpath.  The images and content are all copyright Alexis Hoy, 2012 – 2016, unless otherwise noted.  Please don’t use them without my permission.