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November Workshop: Lucet Braiding

At the November 3rd meeting, the Yarn Club will welcome member Roxann Blazetich-Ozols who will lead us in a workshop to learn lucet braiding.  The lucet is an ancient braiding tool dating back to Viking times, and we’re so fortunate to have an expert in this unusual technique right on hand.  The workshop will teach […]

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Yarn Club Show & Share: October 2016

People were in a very sharing mood this month, which is what Yarn Club is all about.  So many beautiful finished projects, and even a fibre-y book recommendation! Here’s the roundup:       Finally, Roxann recommended The Coat Route by Meg Lukens Noonan: When journalist Meg Lukens Noonan learned of an unthinkably expensive, entirely […]

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The Frog Prince(ss): How to rule your knitting mistakes

I was well into my knitting obsession before I heard someone refer to ripping something out as “frogging.” I was even further into it when I realized that “rip-it, rip-it” wasn’t the only way to go back and fix something, and boy was that a revelation.  And to be honest, a bit annoying – here I […]

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Colborne Hat Errata

Quick little fix for the Colborne Hat pattern.  The “Increase for Slouch” section should read as follows: Increase for Slouch Inc rnd: [KFB, K1, P2], rep to end. (100, 105, 110 sts) Switch to larger needle and work 1 rnd in *K3, P2* rib. Work 7 rnds of Openwork Rib stitch pattern 4 times. All patterns downloads are […]

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