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January Yarn Club Show & Share

For January’s meeting, I asked people to bring in some inspiring ways to use variegated yarn.  Here are some of the great ideas from the membership: Updated February 1st to include Roxann’s “scarflace”.  Thanks so much for the photos, Roxann! Roxann says, “Here is my ‘scarflace’ that I made from one skein of Alpaca Tracks […]

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Cast-on/Bind-off Online Tutorials

This month we had a skill-sharing session at Yarn Club and added a few new tricks to our knitting bags. Here I’ve rounded up the best tutorials I could find for the cast-ons and bind-offs we discussed, and links to the books I referenced.  In the fullness of time, I will add my own video […]

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A Beautiful Challenge: Inspired Uses for Variegated Yarn

This month at Yarn Club, we’re talking about beautiful ways to use variegated yarns with special guest Yarn Indulgences!  I’ve touched on this topic before when I released the Lavender Scarf pattern.  Here are some more inspired ideas rounded up from the interwebs, from knitting to crochet, weaving, and even simple wrapping crafts using variegated […]

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Year One: A Recap

Over a year ago, I wrote this in the notebook I used the first time I launched Phibersmith Designs as a business in Vancouver in 2009.  The book hadn’t seen much action since our first son was born in 2011.  2015 seemed like it would be a good year to start ramping things up again. […]

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