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Madalena Dress Errata

Updated March 27, 2017: 12 – 24 month size – There are a couple of omissions in the written instructions for rows 84 & 89 (the charted instructions are correct): 84 should read: K7, [P1, K1] twice, *[P1, K1] twice, K9, [P1, K1]twice, rep from * to last 6 sts, P1, K1, P1, K3. 89 should read: […]

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Madalena’s Dress

Three years ago I designed this dress for my niece’s first birthday, with the intention of publishing it as my first paid pattern.  And then life happened, as the adage goes.  By the time I had the notes ready, it was almost Fall; hardly the time to publish a cotton lace dress.  When Spring rolled […]

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