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Craft Forward

I’ve been trying to think about how to preface this story I’m about to tell you.  There are lots of facets to its awesomeness: the warmth of people in a small city, the kind of generosity that can catch you off-guard, the magic of the universe lining up for you in even a small way.  […]

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Favourite Rampage: Shawls

    On occasion, and invariably with giant tea mug in hand, I have been known to go on a Ravelry favourite-ing rampage.  Usually I have a project or design in mind and am searching among specific garments/accessories for inspiration, or a pattern that already fits the bill.  Usually I do this without really thinking […]

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Breaking the seal

Hello there, internet.  That’s right, I’m breaking the seal on this blog.  This window, the new vantage I enjoy while I’m working on things (behold the crazy teetering stacks of yarn!), is a long way away in both space and time from the last one, but despite its gaps, this site still occupies a space […]

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