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What to do at six a.m. with a perky kid in the kitchen

Make the ultimate breakfast muffin. From ” In The Sweet Kitchen” by Regan Daley

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Little gnome hat

Just finished this little hat for Connor and I’m quite pleased with it. I had to redo the crown once to get the point right but it looks more or less as I imagined it now. Actually when I started it I was thinking of making matching striped baby/daddy hats for the men in my […]

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From between two carseats

Thomas’s sister and her daughter were visiting for a week.  Hence the radio silence.  Maddy’s just two weeks younger than Connor so for the last 7 days we’ve been a two-baby household.  Yes you should believe the hype, two babies is crazy pants!  And also kind of hilarious.  This morning just before they left Connor […]

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Applesauce Biscuits

I am going to let you in on a secret:  I have a super power. As super powers go, it’s not that impressive.  I can’t read minds, or fly, or see through people’s clothes (for which I am really, really grateful). My super power is biscuits. Let’s not speculate about what my super hero name […]

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Inspiration: Bell, Book and Candle

I’ve been watching a lot of movies from the 50s lately, and loving the costumes.  I have a particular longing for this shell that Kim Novak wears in Bell, Book and Candle from 1958.  I have it in my head to make a sweater inspired by its shape.  I especially love the way the neck […]

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